Hi, my name is Shereen

I am in my final year of studying mathematics (with a small side of computer science, a dash of economics, and a teaspoon of physics) at McGill University. In Fall 2021, I will be starting a M.Sc in mathematical physics here at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Chen and Prof. Jakobson. My academic interests include math (analysis, PDEs, and mathematical physics) and physics (relativity and cosmology). I am currently studying the wave equation in Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universes with random initial conditions.

Aside from academics, I am a member SUMS (the undergrad society of math) and this semester I'm on the software sub-team for McGill's NeuroTech club. When I am not studying, I like to read, bike, and draw. I also very much like music: check out the latest Spotify playlist Anna, Dao, and myself made at an absurd hour, inspired by my obsession with my general relativity course and my questionable amount of caffeine consumption: Computing Christoffel Symbols in the Metro Station.

Check out SUMS 707: Basic Reinforcement Learning (Elementary Theory and Applications), taught by Gabriela and Viet.


C The Speed of Light: built with Tiffany and Mia for McHacks 8. A project inspired by trying to learn and visualize Lorentz transforms via space-time diagrams. We're planning on continuing this project in the future! Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, p5.js, and math.js.

Statistician's Dream: built by Diego and myself for the 2021 Climate Crisis AI Hackathon. Statistican's Dream renders a city of cities: each building represents the total amount of CO2 emitted by a city in a year, and the colour of each building represents the CO2 emissions per capita that city emitted in a given year. The user can walk around the city and hover over buildings to see the name of the city represented, and alternate between different years to detect trends over the years. Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, and three.js.

Epidemic Simulator: a vanilla epidemic simulator made for Hack the North 2021 with Tiffany and Mia. Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, and p5.js.

Electrodynamics on a Donut: Anna, Diego, Gabriela, Maia, and myself created an electrodynamics simulation on a torus for the 2020 McGill Physics Hackathon. Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, and p5.js,

COVID-19 vaccine tracker in Qu├ębec: made by Tiffany, Jacob, Diego and myself. Technologies used: Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

EigenLearn: Online flash card system. I worked on this with Diego. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Basic calculator: First front-end web development project: a very basic calculator. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Class Notes and Expository Writing

Here are some class notes; I apologize in advance for any of the typos. If you spot any mistakes please don't hesitate to let me know!

For non-class notes, here are some notes on Spherical Harmonics and Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian. For expository writings, here is an Introduction to Ergodic Theory (December 2019) and Building Up to Lorentzian Causality Theory (January 2020).


What I'm up to now

I'm trying to finish my final semester of undergrad, learning some quantum mechanics, having LOTS of fun in my physics classes, and planning out life after undergrad. Stay tuned for updates :)